Month: August 2021

Telemarketing is an efficient technique of direct selling, where a qualified salesperson aggressively solicits potential clients to purchase goods or services, usually over the telephone or via a subsequent in-person or online conferencing or call schedule set during the initial call. Telemarketing calls are generally charged at a lower price point than other typical sales call rates. Some companies use telemarketing to increase their client base, develop relationships with potential clients, and test market a new product or service. Most telemarketing efforts are conducted by specially trained inside sales agents trained on how to deal

Are you looking for a space-themed font to add a futuristic and sci-fi vibe to your designs? Then this collection of space fonts is the best place to start! Space fonts line up with a popular trend that’s taking over the design world, especially in website headers, social media, posters, and print design. In this collection, we handpicked the best space and sci-fi fonts to cover all your design needs. They’re perfect for any design that you want to have a futuristic feel, whether it’s with a sleek and modern look, or something fully sci-fi!

Looking for a great polygon background texture for your design? Then you’re going to love this collection of free and premium geometric and poly background textures. Low poly and geometric backgrounds are now turning out to be one of the most popular trends in design this year. They’re being used for both website and graphic designs to give the designs a retro and a pop-art look. Suffice to say, these textures do add an attractive, modern look to any project. We’ve handpicked a few great free and premium poly and geometric textures you can use

Designing with bold color is a lot of fun. It’s also a little dangerous. Bold color choices can evoke emotion, draw attention, and create just the right vibe for a design. On the other hand, bold color can feel frenzied or off balance. Users are instantly drawn into color or turned off by it. Here’s a look at a few ways to use bold color in web design. We’ll walk through how to bring personality and vivid style into your projects, while keeping a sense of balance and accessibility that makes the site easy to

It’s easy to get lost in an ocean of fonts when you keep downloading and installing fonts on your computer. Let’s face it, as a designer, you can’t help but get new fonts at every chance you get. You’ll never stop hoarding fonts and that’s okay too. Because we all have the same addiction. There’s no such thing as having too many fonts. But you should learn to organize your fonts. Otherwise, it will start affecting your work and productivity. In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to uninstall fonts that you never really

Are you working on a new tri-fold brochure design for your business? Want to make them look even better than your competitors? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re featuring some of the best tri-fold brochure templates you can use to easily design a stunning brochure with a minimal budget. The design of a brochure says a lot about a company and the quality of the business. The colors you use in your brochure, the way you format the content, and the fonts you choose, play an important role in showing off professionalism and

A secret used by some of the boldest visual brands on Instagram is to use a grid or puzzle template. What this style of template does is create 12 cohesive panels that come together as a single image when someone visits your Instagram profile page. The trick here is that the panels have to work equally well as single image posts and together as a whole. It can be difficult to pull off if you are not careful. A template can make it a lot easier to figure out and manage. You can create one

Even though Apple’s Keynote app gives you plenty of tools and options for creating beautiful presentations, it can be tricky to find the time to build a beautiful, custom design. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with this collection of the best Keynote templates! With these templates, you don’t have to spend hours designing presentation slides. You can simply edit the slides that have already been crafted by professional designers, customize charts, change colors, and voila! You have your own beautiful, unique Keynote presentation. We picked out a few of the most professional looking

Website loading speed is a dominant UX, conversion, and SEO factor in 2021. That`s why we have checked more than 2000 products to choose the fastest WordPress themes on the web. All of them are created by an international community of authors from all over the globe. First of all, the WordPress theme’s loading speed affects the behavioral factors: the depth of view and the number of people leaving. Fast sites have a higher conversion rate. Also, the success of search promotion indirectly depends on the speed: all other things being equal, Google considers the