Day: November 30, 2021

Design trends come and go, but there has always been a trend that stood the test of time—vintage and retro-themed designs. Today we’re diving into our favourite vintage Photoshop actions! No matter how advanced design and technology becomes, there will always be people who appreciate the beauty in classic and retro design. This is why we still see vintage themed posters, greeting cards, banners, and even photographs everywhere. Photoshop makes it easier than ever to create authentic vintage effects. In this post, we’re featuring a collection of the best retro and vintage Photoshop actions you

Resume design can be a funny thing. Where’s the line between too little color and too much? We’re featuring 20+ resume color schemes (with stunning examples) to help give you some ideas. Personally, I believe it is a balance between showing off your personality and design style in relation to the job you are applying for. So, you might have a couple of resume designs, depending on who you are sending them to. Another factor is printing. Are you going with a design that requires professional printing or are you doing it yourself? Think about

Today we’re featuring a collection of easy to use Adobe Premiere Pro templates you can use to quickly craft professional-looking scenes for your videos. Whether you’re looking to make an opening scene for your YouTube channel, a title sequence for a video, slideshows, or even product promotions, this list of Adobe Premiere Pro templates has it all. We’ve included a mix of free Premiere Pro templates and top-notch premium options too. So there’s something for every budget! What Is Premiere Pro? Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most popular video editing apps available today.

All the shortages and supply chain issues being faced by other industries are beginning to impact designers in a number of ways as well. From paper shortages to out-of-stock graphics cards, to unstockable e-commerce, almost every designer is having to think about ways to design around (and through) global supply chain problems. Whether or not these are affecting you yet, it makes sense to understand the situation and plan to get ahead. Here’s a look at some of the issues popping up and ways to help mitigate the problems as best you can. Paper Shortages