How to Design a Website?

How to design a website

How to design a website? That is the question, which many beginners always ask when they wish to have a site of their own. They wish to know how to design a website that will be appealing. Elementor provides a solution to all such questions and at a very affordable price also.


What is Elementor? Elementor is a WordPress Page builder plugin that is used in conjunction with WordPress to design static pages or sites. In this way, you can make any design of your preference for the static page. Although in the past, only more advanced functionality and upgrades were available in the paid version. However, now both the free and paid version has everything that anyone looking to learn about page builders.


What is elementor about? It is a simple to use theme package from Wysiwyg which allows you to easily install elementor themes on your website and give it a professional look. The theme package can be used by yourself or even get others to customize the site for you. It has hundreds of pre-made widgets and customizations that can be easily installed on your site—a perfect solution for all those who wish to have a fully customized static homepage.


How to design a website? The basic step is to install the Elementor theme on your server. There are several plugins available online for the installation of the Elementor theme on your server. However, before you install the plug-in, make sure you read and understand the instructions properly to avoid any mistakes during the installation.


In order to start designing your site, first, you need to install the Elementor theme using the element or-theme-installer plugin. This will install all the theme elements and create the footer and the right panel. The main screen in the WordPress editor will display the displayed contents. There you need to select the installed Elementor widgets and customize them with the right combination of color themes.


How to design a portfolio website? You need to download the Elementor themes and install them. Then open up an admin panel of your admin-HTML-site or choose your URL in the browser of your Envato server. Navigate to Plugins in the left panel and choose from the list of available plugins. Install the first two or three plugins required. Next, open the Addition screen of your admin-HTML-site and click on the Apply icon to apply the selected plugins to your website.


How to design a website? After applying the Elementor theme and plugins, you need to set up the business website as per the specification provided by your Elementor web hosting company. You need to fill in the details about the domain name and the contact number, email id, and business website address. In the Administration area, you click on the ‘Start Building’ icon to get started with the building process.


How to design a website? After setting up your domain and business website, you need to install the Elementor pro key logger in order to collect the username and password every time a user logs in to the website. For better efficiency, you should install the Elementor loggersonn both the homepage and the website’s footer. Elementor pro logger will collect the details like username, password, IP address, email, and even the timestamps every time you enter these details into any element of your web application.


How to design a website? The ‘add new’ button is located on the top right corner of the home page. This is where you can select from the number of widgets available as well as the various elements such as header, footer, and side boxes. You need to enter the correct information to add new widgets or elements to your website without any hassles.


How to design a website? Elementor offers both the professional and the in-built website template for you to choose from. In case you have no clue about the widgets and how to use them, you can always ask for help from any of the Elementor experts. The experts will guide you through the entire process of adding a widget to your website without any hassles. You can also add a new element to the footer or any other place without hassles using the drag and drop feature available in the in-built Elementor page builder.


The drag and drop feature makes it easy to add widgets to the footer or any other place using the draggable widget system of Elementor. The Elementor website builder also provides you with a complete set of codes that are absolutely free to use. All you need to do is copy and paste the codes provided, and you will get a brand new widget added to your webpage instantly. The in-built Elementor web format also provides several other widgets like text boxes, radio buttons, and image buttons which can be very useful while designing a website. Once you have completed designing a website using the drag and drop feature and are satisfied with the result, you can test your new website using the simple backup service that Elementor provides.